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Dr. Fern Kazlow

Are you Twittering away your brand?

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Dr. Fern Kazlow is a New York licensed clinical psychotherapist and business and branding consultant. A pioneer in the mind-body-spirit connection, she opened Integrative Therapy, one of the first holistic health centers, in New York City in 1981. She developed a unique approach to health, healing, and personal growth which proved potent in the business and finance arena. This method enables people to take the brakes off their life and put themselves in a power position.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Kazlow has shown entrepreneurs, executives, small business, and professionals worldwide how to make small changes and radical shifts to maximize their potential and create wealth in every area of their lives.

Dr. Kazlow is the also founder and CEO of Kazlow International, LLC, a New York-based business and branding consulting company, and the creator of the Rapid Wealth System. Dubbed “Queen of 140 characters” by Twitter Brandchat, Dr. Kazlow says “Branding is key to getting what you want in virtually every aspect of your business and your life.”

A recognized expert in the fields of business and money psychology, holistic health and psychotherapy, rapid transformation and “Getting What You Want When the World Says No”, Dr. Kazlow has written numerous articles, and been interviewed and featured in local and national media.

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