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Dave Wenhold

How Washington really works

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Dave Wenhold is an active partner and co-founder of Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, a full service government relations and grassroots advocacy firm. In addition to his work for his firm, Dave serves as President of the American League of Lobbyists, an association representing the lobbying community. He is the founder of the ALL Capitol PurSuit Drive that holds an annual clothing drive on Capitol Hill for those American’s trying to re-enter the workforce. In 2004 though 2008 he was able to collect over 44,000 suits for fellow Americans from Members of Congress, the White House and the lobbying and association communities. He also is a columnist for The Hill newspaper and writes articles pertaining to the lobbying and Hill communities.

Dave has been featured in national Media outlets including AP, CNN, Fox News, The National Journal, The Hill, Roll Call, USAToday, Washington Post, Washington Times and numerous other papers and magazines.

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