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Marc Pearlman

Marc speaks candidly with a 56 year old late bloomer about their financial issues

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Marc has a record of both professional and personal success.  As a standout martial arts champion in the late 80’s and into the early 90’s, Marc successfully competed throughout the northeast on a semi professional level.  Injuries and other pursuits led to his retirement in 1994. The discipline, focus and attention to detail that Marc developed in his martial arts career transcends into his professional career.

Marc’s passion to become a full time stock & commodity trader was realized in the early 90’s as a result of his determination and willingness to go down the road less traveled.  Marc was personally mentored by several leading money managers and professional stock & commodity traders. Marc spent several years trading his own money under his most notable mentor Mark Minervini, who is featured in Jack Schwagers bestselling book “Stock Market Wizards.”

After several years as a successful full time trader, Marc accepted a position with Smith Barney where he achieved the prestigious Blue Chip Council award in his first year with the firm.

 Marc’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to become an independent investment adviser agent with Securities America where he maintains a successful investment management practice in Williamsville NY.

As an author, radio personality, coach, speaker, husband and father of three, Marc passionately shares his insights and experiences. 

Marc Graduated in 1990 from Keene State in New Hampshire with a BA in business and certificate of minor in psychology.

 Marc lives in upstate NY with his wife Amy and their three children, Allyssa, Jack & Cole.

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