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Richard Roll

Retired?  Don’t miss these money saving tips from the CEO of the Baby Boomers Retirement Club

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Richard J. Roll is a nationally recognized authority and consumer advocate on home ownership issues and consumer financial services.  He founded and has served as CEO of the American Homeowners Association (AHA)® since 1994, which serves members in all 50 states.  A former executive at Citibank, Mr. Roll has authored two best-selling personal finance handbooks which were each syndicated in 25 major metropolitan newspapers.  The Best Years Book, co-authored with TV personality Hugh Downs, is a handbook of pre-retirement planning and a Book-of-the-Month Club and Fortune Book Club selection.  Mr. Roll further expanded his experience in the field of retirement planning as publisher of The Best Years Guide to Better Retirement Living, a national Sunday newspaper supplement devoted to retirement finances and lifestyle planning issues.  His second book, Getting Yours, a handbook of personal finance for young professionals, co-written with Harvard Business School classmate Douglas Young, earned praised by Barron’s and was listed in USA Today’s best-selling business books.  Both books are available on Amazon.com.

In his twenty-five year business career, Mr. Roll has appeared and been regularly quoted on CNN, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal Report, Business Week, The New York Times, Bottom Line Personal, Worth Magazine, Money Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine and countless other publications and media outlets. A graduate of Brown University and the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, he is an expert adviser to Money Magazine and chairs the John Taylor Lewis Memorial Scholarship at Columbia College.

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