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Jim Randel

Author & real estate expert details the housing crisis and what every homeowner needs to know going forward

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Jim Randel is an attorney, a graduate of Columbia Law School and for thirty years he made his living as a real estate investor, buying and selling single-family homes, apartment buildings, land, shopping centers, office buildings, factories and warehouses.  In 1986 Randel wrote The Real Estate Game (And How to Win It) which led to guest lectures at Harvard and NYU Business Schools, the National Association of Realtors Annual Convention, and numerous other venues around the United States.

For two years beginning in 1988 Randel was the on-air correspondent for the Financial News Television Network (now owned by CNBC) and won an award for “The Best Consumer Report” presented by the Real Estate Educators Association. In 1990 Randel went back to his full-time activities as a real estate investor.

In 2005 Randel wrote another book, Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur (McGraw-Hill, 2006) which has received rave reviews from readers and investment professionals.  In the last two years Randel has spoken at investment clubs in Boston, Providence, Washington, D.C., Kansas City and Seattle. He has scheduled appearances upcoming in San Francisco and Milwaukee. Randel has also appeared on ABC News, local television and numerous radio broadcasts.

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