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Mikelann Valterra

Learn why people under earn & learn how to fix it.

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Mikelann Valterra, founding director of the Women’s Earning Institute, is passionately devoted to helping women earn at their potential. Mikelann is a published author, dynamic speaker and nationally sought after expert on women’s work, money and earning issues. For over a decade, she has empowered women to overcome self-sabotaging beliefs about wealth, transform their relationship to money, and unlock their earning potential.

Born and raised in the Northwest, Mikelann attended Western Washington University, where she studied economics. She earned her graduate degree from John F. Kennedy University in California, studying consciousness and human potential. Her graduate work took her to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a premiere think-tank on emerging paradigms and consciousness research. In 1995, Mikelann met Karen McCall, the pioneer of “financial recovery counseling” and head of the Financial Recovery Institute. After studying under Karen McCall, Mikelann was certified as a Financial Recovery Counselor in 1996 and opened her first private practice shortly thereafter.

As a financial counseling professional in private practice, Mikelann has counseled countless people on their relationship to money. Clients work with her to resolve their money issues in a supportive way without shame or guilt. In working with people on their day-to-day finances, she addresses such stressors as chronic debt, problematic overspending and belief systems about money that hinder wealth accumulation.

After a decade of working with people on financial counseling issues, she published her first book, Why Women Earn Less: How to Make What You’re Really Worth (Career Press 2004). Shortly thereafter she founded the Women’s Earning Institute, dedicated to empowering women to earn what they’re really worth. She published How To Set and Raise Your Rates, A Woman’s Guide in 2007.

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