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Dr Doug Welpton

Board Certified Psychiatrist explains money infidelity and how to stop it.

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Dr. Doug Welpton  graduated from Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute.

He began a private practice in 1968 and has counseled people from all walks of life with problems that affected their ability to create the relationships they wanted in their lives. Each of them, while suffering their own personal issues, had one thing in common: negative mindsets. They were holding onto belief patterns that kept them from achieving what they wanted. We hold strong beliefs about how much money we can make, sex we should have, and love we should feel.

If those beliefs work against us, we wind up creating a life we don’t want. We attract what we are afraid of, instead of our bliss. We create lives of quiet desperation, rather than abundant, prosperous, pleasurable lives that are deeply fulfilling.

He has written a book called “Attract Love, Sex and Money. Use Your Mind To Get What You Want.”

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