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Dr John Ellerby

Respected advisor to celebrities – Money vs. Meaning

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Dr. Jonathan Ellerby has spent over twenty years dedicated to the personal, professional and academic exploration of spirituality, healing and consciousness. Throughout his journey he has traveled the world to meet and study with spiritual teachers from more than 40 cultural traditions.

 With a doctoral degree in Comparative Religion, and ordination as an Interfaith Minister, Jonathan has worked as a healer, teacher, and consultant with in settings as diverse as hospitals, major corporations, prisons, community groups, conferences, and some of the world’s leading holistic health resorts.

 Jonathan’s work and training has taken him deeply into the worlds of Indigenous Healing, corporate culture, and Integrative Medicine. Jonathan is the Spiritual Program Director for the acclaimed Canyon Ranch Health Resorts.

Jonathan has been featured on radio, TV, and in a recent documentary, “Secrets of the Soul.” This year he will appear in two new films, “Sonic Healing” and “Beyond Belief.”

Please visit www.returntothesacred.com

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