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Marcia Keppy

There are $32 Billion in unclaimed assets in this country!  Learn how to find missing money

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Asset Awareness was founded by Marcia Keppy to educate, advise and assist individuals, their families, companies and agencies in understanding unclaimed property and how rightful ownership can be reclaimed or reestablished.   She is co-founder of Unclaimed Property Holders Liaison Council (UPHLC), now (UPPO), established in 1992.

 he has held several offices, including the presidency. UPPO represents Fortune 500 companies who work together with state administrators addressing the issue of attempting to locate lost owners through uniform reporting or unclaimed property as well as remitting issues. Marcia has developed a user-friendly set of tools and data sources, the Asset Tracker Program for both individuals and business professionals, to help manage, organize and record personal and family asset information. Marcia speaks before various social, civic and professional groups and organizations to make them aware of the importance of keeping track of assets.

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