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Paul S. Damazo

A candid conversation with self made multimillionaire who gave $11 million to charity by age 45!

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Paul started his first business at age 11 and has extensive experience in

building many profitable, successful businesses. His latest, begun with one

person, quickly grew to more than 2,500 employees within five years.

He says his biggest financial mistake was to give $11 million to various

charities by age 45. Due to the “miracle” of compounding interest, had he

kept that money invested instead of giving it away, he would have been able

to contribute $11 million to 273 charitable organizations today.

Mr. Damazo is more than an accomplished businessman and generous philanthropist. He is a proven inspirer.  He wrote 80 Proven Ways to Becomea Millionaire to show how almost anyone can become a millionaire and even a multimillionaire if  he or she chooses.  For the past 20 years, he has helped untold numbers of people all across the country with his seminars on Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation. He has a passion for helping people, especially young people, to have a more peaceful, happy life by making better financial decisions.

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