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James Taulman

Stock market insights for picking winning stocks.

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James had served as Editor-in-Chief of the leading independent website that offers reports and services based on the CANSLIM® investment system. James is also an individual investor who has immersed himself in the CANSLIM® investment system for the past 8 years. Over that time he has developed the skills to quickly and accurately analyze stocks based on this investment strategy. Over the years, James has assisted professional money managers to private investors – with their needs in relation to implementing this investment approach on a day to day basis.

Currently, James runs his own premium investing report service through his website stocksetups.com where he publishes several reports including his Sunday Set Up Report. This report highlights only what he considers to be the best of the best set ups for both long and short investors. Trigger prices are given for each stock selected along with on-going follow up commentary that alerts investors to technical sell signals.