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Rick Thachuck

President World link Futures Inc.  explains commodity trading for beginners.

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Born and educated in Canada, Mr. Thachuk began his career in June 1988 at the Bank of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), the nation’s central bank responsible for setting national monetary policy and intervening in foreign exchange markets, and the Canadian counterpart of the Federal Reserve Board in the United States. As an Economist in the Department of Monetary and Financial Analysis, he participated in the study of gross monetary and credit aggregates and their implications for general economic activity and inflation. He then moved to the Foreign Exchange Division of the International Department which is responsible for the Bank’s intervention in foreign exchange markets.

Thereafter, Mr. Thachuk moved to New York City to become the Economist and Derivatives Market Strategist of FINEX, the financial instruments division of the New York Board of Trade – the oldest futures and options exchange in New York and now part of ICE Futures, U.S. In this position which he held from August 1992 to December 1995, he designed and authored numerous brochures and trading and hedging guides on the Exchange’s listed financial futures and options contracts including foreign currency products – especially the U.S. Dollar Index – and Treasury Note products. Toward the end of this period, Mr. Thachuk spearheaded the creation, registration and development of the first ever futures and options exchange contract market on an index of emerging market debt, dubbed the EMDX, comprised of Latin American Brady Bonds.

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