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David Morgan

Precious metals expert discusses opportunities in silver.

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David Morgan has been a private economist for over two decades. His background in engineering, with an advanced degree in Economics/Finance, gives him a unique perspective to the financial markets that pure business majors often miss.

He has appeared on the Report on Business in Canada, and several public broadcast TV stations. He does a weekly metals wrap-up on the Financial Sense Newshour. He has been published in Futures Magazine, The Herald Tribune, Gold Newsletter, Resource, Consultants, Con tact, News Gurus Magazine, Common Ground, and The Idaho Observer.

Mr. Morgan is always a favorite speaker at investment conferences throughout North America, Europe and Mexico. David Morgan authored the “Ten Rules of Silver Investing.” His private newsletter on silver and the world economy, The Silver Investor, is issued 12 times per year, plus email updates as required.

 David Morgan has a web site dedicated to precious metals investors. See www.silver-investor.com