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Chris Wright

Excerpts of Great thoughts from Great Investors

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Christopher M. Wright regularly interviews CEOs, book authors, and financial analysts for columns and articles on the stock market in major publications (CFA Magazine, NAREIT Portfolio, among others).

In 2004, he started his own investment newsletter, The Sine Wave Investor ™ (www.sinewaveinvestor.com). Country risk reports and private client equity research were added in 2008. Additionally, Mr. Wright has made numerous presentations on the stock market to young professionals, academic institution staff, and investor groups.

In 2000, Mr. Wright successfully completed the academic portion of the grueling and respected Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. The course of study is equivalent to a finance-focused MBA.

Mr. Wright worked as an attorney for 20 years before beginning to write on business and investment topics for national and international clients in 2001.