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Sally Herigstad CPA

Better budgeting ideas

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Sally Herigstad, CPA, has written numerous finance articles for Microsoft’s personal finance division over the last eight years. As a writer and finance consultant for MSN Money, a personal finance software product, she used her finance expertise to help develop software features to help people better manage their money.

She has written articles for MSN Money online, Ministry magazine, Coping With Cancer, and other online and print media.

When Sally taught personal finance classes, some students asked her where they could find a good beginning book of money advice – one that didn’t use terms they don’t understand or that assumed they had a lot of money to invest. Looking at the personal finance sections of bookstores, Sally found plenty of books about investing and getting rich, or about filing for bankruptcy, but nothing on surviving a financial crisis this month. As a result, Sally wrote Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills: Surviving a Financial Crisis (St. Martin’s Press).

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