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Dan Morton

What is fractional ownership and how it can substantially save you money on a vacation home.

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Daniel Morton is a Fractional Ownership Consultant and President of Fractional Retreats LLC – a Boise Idaho based company that helps vacation home sellers convert their homes to fractional ownership. He is also author of a fractional “how-to” guide: “Vacation Home Fractional Conversion: A complete guide for home sellers, builders and real estate professionals”.

Daniel first got interested in fractional ownership after spending many years in the commercial real estate industry where he helped to convert over $300 million in investment grade real estate to fractional ownership (also called TIC or “tenants-in-common” ownership). He used his knowledge and expertise from commercial real estate to launch a new company aimed at doing the same thing on a smaller scale, for individual vacation homes. Daniel has a Bachelors degree in Finance from San Jose State and his MBA from George Fox University.

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