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Denise Richardson

What you need to know about predatory lenders.

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Denise Richardson is an Author, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, and Columnist for Lighthouse Point Magazine. She is also a Contributing writer for the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper’s Online Editorial Blog, “South Florida Says”.

As a noted Consumer Advocate she’s been the voice of the consumers for 15+ years working to educate, empower and validate consumers. Her passion and steadfast resolve to shed light on the problems within the credit and lending industries comes from her life-experiences that she turned into her first book, Give Me Back My Credit!

She belongs to various consumer advocacy non-profits that promote consumer protection, education and awareness of issues that impact consumers and responsible businesses. Denise has been on numerous national talk radio shows, a variety of regional network Television News stations (ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX) and featured in a variety of print publications. She writes a daily blog at GiveMeBackMyCredit.com on topics designed to raise awareness to issues such as abusive debt collection practices, credit reporting problems, predatory lending, identity theft, scams and mortgage servicing issues.

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