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Jeff Garrett

Expert numismatist discusses rare coins as investments

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Jeff Garrett began his coin collecting the all-American way, with Lincoln Cents. In 1969 a family friend gave him a Lincoln cent board. From that time, coins became the focus of his life.

Today, Garrett describes his expertise as being a “dealer’s dealer.” With a network of professionals he has established over 25 years, he helps with financing, research, and the sale of acquisitions. Over the course of his career, Garrett has handled nearly every United States rarity. During the American Numismatic Convention in 2003 Garrett was one of the experts called upon to authenticate the long lost 1913 Liberty Nickel. In 2004 Garrett handled one of the greatest gold collections ever assembled, the famed Dukes Creek set of Georgia gold. That collection sold for over four million dollars.

Jeff has authored many of the most popular numismatic references published in the last decade. This includes the award winning 100 Greatest U.S. Coins and the Encyclopedia of United States Gold Coinage.