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William Gamble

Emerging markets expert breaks down the world economic crisis.  What the global slowdown means to you!

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William Gamble has been active in international business as a consultant, lawyer, investor, and corporate counsel for the past thirty years.  He holds two law degrees, an executive MBA and has attended several universities in the United States and France. He has been a member of several state and federal bars. He has spoken five languages.

He has appeared on many television networks including, ABC, CNN Asia, CNN FN, Bloomberg, Fox, and CNBC. In addition to television, he has appeared on NPR, Bloomberg, and over 80 radio stations throughout the US. He has also appeared in Canada on the CBC and in China on Voice of America.

His most recent book Freedom: America’s Competitive Advantage in the Global Market was published in 2007. His other publications include a book: Investing in China, Legal, Financial and Regulatory Risk, and numerous articles for various journals including Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review, International Financial Law Review, and others for the International Assessment and Strategy Center. The Financial Times has published over 25 of his letters.

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