Kimberly Amadeo

Kimberly Amadeo (Ah-mah-DAY-o) speaks on How to Make Money from Today’s Top 3 Economic TrendsShe uses humor and enthusiasm to clarify how the changing economy affects you. Most important, she guides you through the steps you need to take now so you can profit tomorrow.

She is the author of Beyond the Great Recession – What Happened and How to Prosper.This easy-to-read book gives you the tools you need to prosper. Uncover the story of what really happened so you can make your own decisions.

In addition to the book, Kimberly offers two other resources to put you on the path to powerful prosperity. The How to Make Money CD leads you through creating your financial vision and building an action plan to put it into reality. The How to Make Money DVD comes with a study guide that focuses you on what makes money in this economy.  Watch it with your family, employees or investment group.

Kimberly is the economic expert for, one of the top ten most visited websites and a part of the New York Times.  She has 20 years senior-level experience in economic analysis and business strategy for major international corporations. She’s earned two Master’s degrees: one in planning from Boston College and one in business from MIT.

Kimberly consults with your business to plan for economic uncertainty. She combines her strategic planning and economic analysis skills to quickly identify where your company is vulnerable to economic trends, and what you can do about it now. This rare combination allows her to tailor your strategy to economic reality. How? Her easy-to-understand system keeps you focused on the essential core of your business.