Mark Minervini from Jack Schwager’s best selling book, “Stock Market Wizards”

Mark Minervini is an internationally known stock market trader and businessman.  Minervini was named U.S. Investing Champion in 1997 after finishing the real-money investment derby with a 155% return for the year, nearly double the results of the next nearest competing money manager. He entered the competition with his own money to demonstrate the capabilities of his SEPA® technology, which focuses on early identification of potential superior performing companies. In the 1990s, Minervini had a 5½ year personal account track record of 220 percent average annual compounded return. Minervini is featured in Jack Schwager’s book Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America’s Top Stock Traders, 2003 and 2008 editions.

In 1998, Minervini publicly voiced two back-to-back market calls, which propelled him into the media spotlight. He has extensive media experience and was a regular guest on CNBC, CNN, and Fox News television. Shortly before the 2000 decline, Minervini decided to take some time off from trading. During his hiatus, he developed technology, creating a platform with proprietary software, to educate and deliver timely market information to investors, thereby shifting his focus from providing research material to institutional investors to helping individuals and stock traders learn his methods and utilize his strategy. After taking the time to trademark and build his brand, Mark started Minervini Private Access, LLC, a platform for online trading and education of individual investors and stock traders.

Minervini maintains a blog at Often posted on his blog is the Q&A from his Webinars. On October 16-17, 2010, for the first time, Minervini will facilitate a Master Trader Program where participants will learn his coveted SEPA® formula and spend up to 13 hours of intense personal training with him at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes.